Who are we?
  Well that is the question that has brought us here , how about you? My Family is a Christian Family, Who wanted to know the truth and and reason for the loss of power in Christianity today. Really where is the power of the Old religion that gave the courage to our founding fathers to sacrifice and declare there independence and separation .
     This website is dedicated to discovering just that.
We Profess Christ ,YASHUA As The Son OF YAHWEH The one and only True GOD!
  We are  White of European Descent, We are seeking the truth.  We Believe that White Genocide Is Real. We are not a political organization, We are Separatist Both Racially and Religiously , We seek to help bring forth the Kingdom Of Yahweh! There Is No Other Law Needed But Yahweh's Law.
  We Hope to grow and become a ministry to our white brethren.